Host institution: Università Pavia, Italy

ESR4 Cerebellar neuronal activity during emotional control

The latest in vivo calcium imaging technology (miniscope – INSCOPIX) will be used to monitor neuronal population activity in different cerebellar cortical modules during the acquisition and extinction of emotional behaviour in freely moving mice. The tasks will be designed in order track cerebellar activity in relation to error prediction. Cerebellar neuronal activity will be recorded during baseline, acquisition and extinction phases of conditioned fear behaviour. During the tasks, we will track mouse behavioural responses and correlate them with different stimuli and environmental cues. The same experiments will then be the basis for simulations by ESR9. Collaboration with Wurzburg and INSCOPIX.

This project will determine the extent of cerebellar activation during emotional behaviour and the contribution of different modules to encoding prediction error.

Planned secondments: INSCOPIX, month 7, purpose: training; University Hospital Wurzburg, Philip Tovote, month 13 – 15, purpose: collaboration in latest miniscope calcium imaging techniques in behaving animals to investigate neural population activity within the cerebellar cortex.