Are you a postdoc having a great HD-#MEA project idea and need some funding to get started? Submit a short abstract (2000 characters max) until July 25 2022.

3Brain AG provides a €15,000 award in the name of Massimo Grattarola, one of the leading scientists and pioneer in the fields of bioelectronics and neuroengineering, who also laid the foundation for works that would have later merged into 3Brain AG‘s technology. Massimo was an enthusiastic researcher, a tireless worker, and indomitable dreamer and relentless educator. Continuing his legacy, we want to support neuroscientists early in their scientific journey.

3Brain believes that every new scientific journey starts with an idea that wants to break into the world, and that starts by sharing it with others.

3Brain are looking forward to receive your abstracts and bring your idea on its way.

The top five applications will be evaluated by an independent expert committee.

For all details and requirements surrounding the award, please check: